• Quality Future with Kayel Group

    Quality Future with Kayel Group

    As Kayel Group, we eliminate possible problems that you may encounter in your target markets and offer you a quality future by providing support in a wide range of fields such as informatics & software, foreign trade, real estate and consultancy.

  • Stable Future with Kayel Group

    Stable Future with Kayel Group

    As Kayel Group, we support you in all matters with our expert team, so that our customer portfolios, which we see as business partners, can come to the best places in their sectors.

  • Carefree Future with Kayel Group

    Carefree Future with Kayel Group

    Kayel Group olarak, iş ortaklarımıza verdiklerimiz danışmanlık ve diğer hizmetlerin yanı sıra sizlerle daha verimli çalışmalar yapabilmek adına kendi şirket içi uzman çalışanlarımıza da bilgilerini taze tutmak ve dink kalmalarını sağlamak için eğitimler vermekteyiz.

Kayel Group provides services to reduce your dependence on the domestic market and to get ahead of your competitors.
Welcome to Kayel Group

Reputation, respect, satisfaction.

Kayel Group provides product import and export consultancy from Turkey and abroad. With years of experience, it continues to serve as multiple companies in order to meet customer demands effectively and quickly with its expert staff in the field of business. Kayel Group provides you with all the support you need in your investment projects.

Foreign trade

We provide detailed reports by analyzing the technical, economic and sociocultural data of the country you want to export.

IT & software

In order to provide rapid response to customer requests and demands, we produce software suitable for the information & technology age.

Real estate

We offer you suggestions regarding the investment to be made, considering the possible benefits and risks.

We Get Stronger Together.

We work meticulously with our young, dynamic and trained expert staff, who closely follow the developing technology, always continue to work with high motivation in order to offer innovative solutions to our customers. In this way, we get stronger together.

Better service, more smiling faces.

Some sectors where we keep ourselves up to date and work hard in order to serve you better.






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Foreign trade

Southeast's export success

The Southeastern Anatolia Region is experiencing the happiness and excitement of increasing its monthly exports above $ 1 billion for the second time despite the difficult processes experienced during the pandemic period.

Our software company in Mahall Ankara
News from us

Our software company in Mahall Ankara

Kayel software company, which is within the Kayel Group, is now with you. In order to provide you with more comprehensive and higher quality services, we opened our second office in Mahall Ankara.

Sandwich panel line export abroad

Sandwich panel line export abroad

Ease of exporting from Turkey to abroad thanks to the employment provided by digital transformation and industry 4.0.

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